Rebuilt THM425 and Related Products for the GMC TZE

GMC Motorhome Products Available from Manny’s Transmission

1T Front End
One-Ton Front End - Installed or Kit
Cost-effective, Modern Improvement
This is a terrific and logical upgrade for our Motorhomes. Given how difficult and expensive it is to service the original bearings and how often it must be done, this is a cost-effective solution for that problem alone. It provides much larger sealed hub bearings which are bolted to the knuckles. In addition, it provides heavy-duty knuckles, new ball joints and bushings, new axles, new and bigger brake rotors (improved braking), reinforced lower A-arms, and a spacer that moves the front wheels out to be in line with the rear tandems for better tracking and improved handling.
Gene Fisher says: “I think this is the main point about the 1-ton; any part of the OEM front end (major repair) will cost more than this whole kit and not provide a heavier duty solution you’ll appreciate.”
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New Steering Box
Precision Steering Box
A steering gearbox is a vital unit that is deceptively complex. It is the heart of the steering system. It seldom totally fails, but does, over time, wear down. The result is that a GMC becomes less responsive to movement of the steering wheel. This is a common complaint and often perceived as road wander by the driver. We offer a completely new steering gearbox assembly. Included is a replaceable micronic filter to protect the hydraulic system. The gearbox incorporates recent, superior variable ratio technology not available when the GMC was built. This provides greatly improved highway control with less fatigue because of reduced steering wheel motion and safer emergency handling. It retains the comfortable road feel of the original system.
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Reaction Disc Brakes System for TZE Chassis
No More Slip-sliding Away
Don’t be tricked. This isn’t a copy of a system sold by another GMC vendor. Using the design theories already established, this system was developed by Manny to be more cost-effective while being equally effective in controlling the rear brakes. The result is that the rear tires no longer skid, loosing traction, while placing greater force against the forward pair. The result is better control and reduced stopping distance when compared to the original design.
The system consists of four wheel disc brakes and a four-link, torque transfer system all in one integrated package. It comes complete with all grade 8 fasteners, rotors, calipers, brake hoses, and front bogie tracking system. All you need to do is buy the brake pads of your choice.
The installation is straight forward and the documentation is absolutely first rate. Karen Bradley, who did the excellent documentation on Manny's 1 ton front end system, has done another exceptional job on the instructional documentation with well-labeled photos.
Now a GMC owner can have improved and affordable brakes on the rear bogies that actually work by keeping all four tires solidly on the pavement; no more skidding of the rear pair.
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6.5L Diesel
Coming Soon
6.5 L Diesel Powerplant
Diesel enthusiasts know that diesel engines have a reputation for torque production. TZE owners know that torque, rather than horse power, will help move the motorhome with less effort and at lower RPMs. So the next logical development in the GMC community involves a diesel transplant. And not just any diesel engine will do.The 6.5 L (395 cu. in.) engine Manny is working with is a simply designed workhorse that yields credible power and decent fuel economy while meeting emissions standards in it’s hauling class. The primary reason for using this engine is that it has been around for nearly three decades and has undergone continuous improvement. Initially built by GM, it is now in production by AM General and has been since the mid-1990s.

Aluminum Grill
Strong and Bright
As any owner knows, the original plastic grills on many of the TZE units breaks or cracks over time and becomes a pain to repair to keep the GMC looking good. There are other solutions made of fiberglass but they’re not as strong nor provided the beautiful look of an aluminum grill.
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More GMC Stuff
Other Items You May Need
Manny’s Transmission may not have all you want but we have a few more things that you may need. Call Manny to see what’s available or what he’s thinking of handling. For now, here are a few items you’ll find interesting
Pork chops - Not the ones you eat but the ones that go on the end of the torsion bars to get your coach to the proper ride height. These are new and not out of some rust bucket in Michigan. They’re hardened with the holes laser cut for precise accuracy at the proper angle.
Pork chop bolts - the perfect compliment to new pork chops.
Need the 2-inch risers for the rear suspension (bogies)? We have them. Get extra lift while reducing pressure on the air bags.
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